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Skyworth Delfin SMVH09B-2B2A3NH 9000 BTU

Skyworth Delfin SMVH09B-2B2A3NH 9000 BTU

High standard components

High quality heat exchanger

and performance, allows the unit to have

particularly large operating range.

Top-of-the-line PCB control panel

and quality, gives unsurpassed reliability.

Extremely efficient and quiet DC Inverter

state-of-the-art compressor

is the heart of the system and

guarantees smooth and economical operation.

New aerodynamic wing design

which ensures optimal air flow.

Wi-Fi control

Delfin & Nova series have as

standard Wi-Fi control function,

which allows the control of the unit by

any place in the world that exists

internet connection.


Adjust the temperature exactly at the point

where are you. With the i-Feel function

Skyworth air conditioners adapt exactly

their operation depending on where

is the wireless controller - and not based

air return temperature.



Operating range ° C -15 / + 48 -15 / + 24

Performance Range Btu / h Cooling-Heating 9.007 (2.64) -9.553 (2.8)

Operating current (nom) Cooling-Heating 6.9

SEER - SCOP (C / A / W) - CLASS Refrigeration-Heating 6.1 / (4.0-5.1-3.3)

Consumption W 75-88-1430 / 2491 (0.73) -11260 (3.3)

Electricity 220-240 / 1phase / 50Hz

Cable for Delivery Ex. / Assist 4x1,5

Air supply (Y / M / X) m3 / h 40/36/24/19

Dist. Internal Mon. ΠxYxB / Weight 821x283x200 / 9

Dist. Ext. Mon. ΠxYxB / Weight 830x540x325 / 27

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