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Daikin FTXP50M-RXP50M 18000 btu

Daikin FTXP50M-RXP50M 18000 btu

Inverter Heat Pump | 18000 btu

Cooling efficiency 1.7 / 5.0 / 6.0

Heating 1.7 / 6.0 / 7.0

Energy Class Cooling A ++ SEER 7.30

Heating A + SCOP 4.40

Noise Level Y / M / X / A 43/39/34/31

Dimensions Y x W x B 295 x 990 x 263

Product characteristics

Fully quiet operation up to 20 dBA

Online Controller (optional): control your indoor unit from any application location, via your local network or internet, and track your power consumption

Seasonal performance values ​​up to A ++ in cooling and heating

Modern wall-saving design that saves space

The small dimensions of the unit make it ideal for renovations, especially for door installation

Choosing an R-32 product reduces environmental impacts by 68% compared to the R-410A and achieves lower power consumption thanks to its high energy efficiency

Product benefits

savings - financial operation savings - financial operation

save - stand-by energy saving save - stand-by energy saving

saving - night mode saving - night mode

saving - only fan saving - only fan

comfort - pleasant atmosphere program comfort - pleasant atmosphere program

Comfort - Strong Function Comfort - Strong Function

Comfort - Automatic Switching Cooling-Heating Comfort - Automatic Switching Cooling-Heating

comfort - quiet indoor unit operation comfort - quiet indoor unit operation

air flow - automatic flap vertical movement air flow - automatic flap vertical movement

air flow - automatic fan speed adjustment air flow - automatic fan speed adjustment

airflow - fan speed calibrations airflow - fan speed calibrations

humidity adjustment - dehumidification program humidity adjustment - dehumidification program

air purification - titanium deodorizing filter | apatite air purification - deodorized titanium filter | apatite

air purification - air filter air purification - air filter

controllers - controller connection capability controls - controller connectivity capability

controls - 24 hour timer controls - 24 hour timer

infrared remote controls. infrared remote controls

controls - wired controller controls - wired controller

functions - auto restart functions - auto restart

functions - self diagnostics functions - self diagnostics

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