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Midea MTI-24FNXD0 & MOU-24FN8-QD0

Midea MTI-24FNXD0 & MOU-24FN8-QD0


Inverter technology

Operation Type: Ψ / h

Operating Voltage V-Hz-Ph: 220-240V ~ 50Hz, 1Ph

Cooling Btu / h: 24000 (11180-27830)

Cooling efficiency kW: 7.03 (3.28 ~ 8.16)

Btu / h Thermal Performance: 26000 (9280-29750)

Thermal efficiency kW: 7.62 (2.72-8.72)

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rate (SEER) Cooling: 6.1

Average Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SCOP): 4.0

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Degree (SCOP) Heating (Warm): 5.1

Noise Level dB (A) Lp (L / H / H) Indoor Unit: 42/40/38

Output Level dB (A) Lp (H) Noise: 62

Air Supply m3 / h (H / H) Indoor: 1248/1054/839

Liquid / Gas Pipe Diameter mm (inch): Φ9.52 / Φ15.9 (3/8 '' / 5/8 '')

Total Pipe Length / Elevation Difference m: 50/25

Temperature Operating Range Cooling / Heating ° C: -15 ~ 50 / -15 ~ 24

Cooling Energy Class: A ++

Intermediate Heating Energy Class: A +

Hot Zone Heating Energy Class: A +++

Additional characteristics:

Wi-Fi Ready - Smart Port

Golden Fin

Retention Filter & Air Filter

Coolant Leak Detection

Fresh Air Supply Capability with 750mm Duct

On / Off Door & Alarm Door

Low Ambient mode

Sleep Mode

Anti Cold Ai function

Auto Restart

Timer / Weekly scheduling

Ability to be mounted on the floor or ceiling

Possibility of Central Control

Easy Maintenance

A wired weekly programming controller is included

Dimensions: Indoor Unit (Y x W x B) mm: 249x1100x774 / Outdoor Unit (Y x W x B) mm: 702x845x363

Weight: Indoor Unit: 31.5kg / External Unit: 49.4kg

Warranty: 3 years for all parts without restrictions and an additional 7 years for the compressor

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