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Bartec 150 L Dual Energy 2.5 m2 Selective Collector

Bartec 150 L Dual Energy 2.5 m2 Selective Collector

Stainless steel exterior lining for unlimited resistance to difficult weather conditions.

Strong insulation of polyurethane (ecological) thickness up to 60mm and density 40,5 kgr for complete thermal insulation.

Water tank (boiler) made of special steel DC 01 2,5 mm thick.

Sealing test at test pressure up to 15 ATMs.

The boiler is protected internally by DURO GLASS of Bayer Germany and Ferro Holland according to DIN 4753 / 3-5-8 baked at 830C.

Horizontal welding of the container internally and externally (one of Bartec's innovations).

4,000 Watt electrical resistance, safety thermostat and anodium for complete protection.

An enclosed perimeter inverter that covers up to 80% of the water tank length for very fast heat transfer.

The boiler's consumption and ventilation benefits are heavy-duty brass extensions, screwed tightly into internal reinforced sleeves to avoid possible corrosion from weather conditions.

Packaging is made with molded, durable styrofoam for complete stabilization.

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