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Fire Hose

Fire Hose
Brand: JEF Model: 0132030
Fire Hose Cabinet with HookElectrostatic Coat RAL 3000, UV – Protection...
Ex Tax:20,56€
Brand: JEF Model: 0132069
Door Opening by Simply Pressing the SS button.Stainless Steel 316 – Glossy.Dimensions ( Heigth x Width x Depth): 500 x 470 x 140 mm...
Ex Tax:61,10€
Brand: MOBIAK Model: 0132113
Certified according EN671-2, Fire Cabinet.Includes Certified Fire Hose 1¾” (20m), certified BrassAngle Valve and certified 3 position Branchpipe.Special Resistance Painting for protecting from Weather conditions.DIMENSIONS (Height x Width x Depth): 550x390x180mm..
Ex Tax:141,70€
Model: 0132029
Electrostatic Paint Ral3000, UV – Protection with Silk Screen...
Ex Tax:40,56€
Brand: MOBIAK Model: 0131034
Fire Tool Station with 4 Hooks for tools.Electrostatic Coating RAL 3000.UV protection.With silk screen.Dimensions ( Heigth x Width x Depth): 700 x 630 x 180 mm...
Ex Tax:287,75€
Brand: MOBIAK Model: 0131028
Fire Tool Station, double compartment, suitable for big size tools and Escape Breathing Apparatus.Electrostatic Coat RAL 3000. UV protection – With silk screen.Dimensions ( Heigth x Width x Depth): 700 x 630 x 180 mm...
Ex Tax:309,00€
Brand: MOBIAK Model: 0132110
High Rates on A and B Fire Classes.Ergonomic design for easy use by one Operator.Highly effective product for Gas Stations, Petrochemical Factories,Industrial Facilities, Warehouses and generally for all areas thatprotection is required due to fire Classes A and B.The top of the Cabinet is designed ..
Ex Tax:689,00€
Brand: JEF Model: KX06-002W6-00B
Stainless Steel Fire Hose Cabinet with SS ReelDoor Opening by Simply Pressing the SS button...
Ex Tax:109,20€
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