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CO2 carbon dioxide

CO2 carbon dioxide
Brand: MOBIAK Model: MBK15-536-A0D
10Kg (2x5Kg) CO2 Trolley Fire Extinguisher with Heavy Duty Trolley of Two Cylinders (7,5Lt) with 5m EPDM Discharge Hose...
Ex Tax:236,60€
Brand: MOBIAK Model: MBK06-100CA-P1A
CO2 Trolley Fire Extinguisher with 16Lt Cylinder with 5m Discharge Hose.HIGH-PRESSURE EPDM Discharge Hose of WP 155bar with Wooden Handle and Flow Control Valve, according to EN853 requirements, HEAVY Duty Carriage and wheels, Valve Protection HANDLE..
Ex Tax:253,50€
Brand: MOBIAK Model: KX11-532-AOR (MBK06-020CA-P1D)
Fire Extinguisher 2Kg Carbon Dioxide with High Strength Front Outlet.Galvanized bracket included..
Ex Tax:30,00€
Brand: MOBIAK Model: MBK10-050CA-P1A
Fire Extinguisher 5Kg CO2 Aluminum with Discharge Hose with Horn and Wooden Handle.Antimagnetic.METALLIC BRACKET INCLUDED..
Ex Tax:165,10€
Brand: MOBIAK Model: MBK06-050CA-P1D
Fire Extinguisher 5Kg Carbon Dioxide, with EDPM discharge hose with horn and Wooden handleGalvanized bracket includedInstructions for use printed on a sticker..
Ex Tax:53,00€
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