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Brand: MOBIAK Model: MBK15-060HFR-P1E
Fire Extinguisher Foam, with one seam vessel with Internal Plastic Layer and Pressure Gauge Safety Release Valve.Metallic bracket included...
Ex Tax:15,99€
Brand: MOBIAK Model: MBK09-060WT-P1A
Fire Extinguisher 6Lt and 9Lt Water with one seam vessel with INTERNAL PLASTIC LAYER and Pressure Gauge Safety Release Valve.METALLIC BRACKET INCLUDED..
Ex Tax:27,17€
Brand: MOBIAK Model: MBK04-060AF-P1S
Stainless Steel Fire Extinguisher 6Lt withone seam vessel.METALLIC BRACKET INCLUDED..
Ex Tax:29,90€
Brand: MOBIAK Model: MBK10-250AF-W1SS
Stainless Steel Trolley Fire Extinguisher, 25Lt BSX 1,5%, with 5m Discharge Hose and Valve with Pressure Gauge Safety Release Mechanism.SILKSCREENED USAGE-MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS.3rd Wheel added on the Front Side of the Fire Extinguisher Carriage for Easier Usage- Handling.> VESSEL of ..
Ex Tax:442,00€
Brand: MOBIAK Model: MBK14-500AF-W1A
Trolley Fire Extinguisher with 5m Discharge Hose. Pressure Gauge Safety Release Valve.Vessel with internal plastic layer..
Ex Tax:247,00€
Brand: MOBIAK Model: MBK05-100AF-W2A
Trolley Foam Generator – Fire Extinguisher, suitable for special Occasions and Urgent Fire Suppression Needs, where conventional extinguishers might prove ineffective. The foam generator must be connected to Water Supply. It is suitable for use in Fuels, Colors, Dissolvers and other Flammable liquid..
Ex Tax:1.430,00€
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