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Dry powder

Dry powder
Brand: MOBIAK Model: MBK14-500PA-WLD
 Welded Type Trolley Fire Extinguisher with 5m Discharge Hose and High Strength Wheels.Pressure Gauge Safety Release Valve.> Combined carriage with ergonomic design> VESSEL of 50mm Male Neck Thread> Heavy Duty WHEELS> Double Edge Stainless Steel valve SAFETY PIN> Discharge Hose w..
Ex Tax:167,00€
Brand: MOBIAK Model: MBK15-ACE6-A0R
Automatic Ceiling Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher 6Kg Dry Powder ABC 40% with Sprinkler protective cage.CE certified sprinkler and safety Valve...
Ex Tax:21,00€
Brand: MOBIAK Model: MBK09-060PA-DF
Fire Extinguisher with one seam vessel Pressure Gauge Safety Release Valve.– METALLIC BRACKET INCLUDED..
Ex Tax:11,96€
Brand: MOBIAK Model: MBK10-250PA-L1SS
Fire extinguisher INOX Local Appliance for Fuel Stores, 25Kg, Dry Dust ABC 40% with Automatic Certified CE Lock with Lock and Position for 1/4 "Explosion-Proof (not included)..
Ex Tax:427,70€
Brand: MOBIAK Model: MBK02-250PA-L1A
Fire Extinguisher ABC 40% Dry Powder Local Applicator, with Propeller Filling Valve, 3/4 "Stainless Steel Wool Bin in Special PackagingIt comes with a stand-independent base with carrying handle and mounting bracket for safer fire extinguisher installation..
Ex Tax:32,37€
Brand: MOBIAK Model: MBK04-060PA-L1C
Local Application Fire Extinguisher Dry Powder with Single Certified CE Certified Container, Two ½ "Valves and Insurance Metal Pressure Gauge with Operation Test Hole Cast bronze (without soldering) breast to adjust the two ½ "valves and Insurance..
Ex Tax:53,95€
Brand: MOBIAK Model: MBK11-060PA-P1S
Fire Extinguisher ABC 90% INOX Dry Powder with Single Bottom Container Included Metal Base..
Ex Tax:29,12€
Brand: MOBIAK Model: MBK10-250PA-H1SS
Stainless Steel Trolley Fire Extinguisher, 25Kg Dry Powder ABC 40%, with 5m Discharge Hose and Valve with Pressure Gauge Safety Release Mechanism.SILKSCREENED USAGE-MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS.3rd Wheel added on the Front Side of the Fire Extinguisher Carriage for Easier Usage- Handling.> ..
Ex Tax:193,70€
Brand: MOBIAK Model: MBK03-250PA-L1C
 Local Application Fire Extinguisher with one seam vessel with CE Automatic Valve with Safety Bursting Disc and with Fuse Connection Thread ¼” (fuse is not included). Suitable for Petrol Stations..
Ex Tax:193,70€
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