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Fan Coil

Fan Coil

The Fan Coils system is a system of indoor units that transfers heat or cooling to various locations by supplying them with appropriate temperature water. In temporary accommodation buildings, as well as in crowded areas, Fan Coils are a good and reliable solution, as is the only solution for existing buildings that would like a better way of cooling from local air conditioning units without extensive renovation of the building.


• Lower costs

• Effectiveness, that is, satisfies the demands of the user in direct demand

• Provides comfort and enables the application of an auxiliary ventilation system

Fan Coils take water in their luggage, but at a lower temperature of about 50 degrees, and with the help of the fan they distribute heat to the space as opposed to simple bodies that do so with synchronous, non-violent flow. In addition to this difference we have the advantage that with a heat pump we can also cool with a system. We have different types of terminal units depending on the space and the architectural or decorative design (floor, floor hidden, channels, ceiling etc.) Another advantage is the heat pump which is usually selected and used for heating purposes. with oil or gas.