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Condensation technology is a proven energy-efficient method of boilers with gas / LPG or diesel fuel after fully exploiting the useful energy from combustion. As with low temperature boilers, follow the principle that the boiler produces hot water at such a temperature as to meet the current heating requirement (outside temperature base) to achieve the highest possible energy savings.

While in low temperature boilers, the condensation of the exhaust gases and therefore the heating of the heating surfaces must be avoided, condensation technology works by the opposite rules: here the condensation of the exhaust gases is really desirable and is required to convert latent energy). contained in the water vapor, together with the actual heat released by the exhaust gas, into useful heat.

Also, with condensing technology the heat you lose in the chimney reduces significantly, since the temperature of the exhaust gases released into the atmosphere is now very low.

The condensate is formed by the vapor contained in the exhaust gases from the combustion of oil or gas if the temperature on the walls of the boiler in the combustion chamber is below the humidity point. The liquefaction point is different when the fuel is gas and different when the fuel is petroleum because of the different chemical composition of the two fuels. Usually in boilers that use gas as fuel the humidity point is about 57ºC while when the fuel is oil the humidity point is about 47ºC. The theoretical energy gain when fuel is gas in condensing boilers against low temperature boilers is 11%, while when fuel is oil, the maximum gain through the use of condensation technology is 6%.

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BASIC FEATURESLow NOx Blue Flame Gradient Burner.High degree of compaction efficiency.Top quality stainless steel alternator prevents corrosion by giving longevity.The LCB700 LS range offers added convenience in the installation incorporating high pump performance and expansion tank Navien Condensat..
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