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Welcome to TRADING CONSTRUCTION COMPANY. By using our site, you agree to the following terms, which you must read carefully. TRADING CONSTRUCTION COMPANY "DAMAMAKOUDIS", provides its services to you subject to the following notices, terms, and provisions. The online store reserves the right to modify or revise the terms, conditions of trade, prices and products at any time it deems necessary, without notice, through the pages of this online store.


This site is the intellectual property of the Commercial Construction Company "Dhamamakoudis". Any information such as text, images, graphics available in the online store cannot be used for any commercial use, unless otherwise specified by law. It is illegal to copy, reproduce, modify part or all of the contents of this web site without the prior written consent of TRADING COMPANY.


When you place your order by phone or email, you may be asked to provide your personal information (name, surname, email, shipping address, etc.) to process your order. Any personal data you provide is held solely for the purposes of dealing with us and may not be used by any third party. Every reasonable step to secure your data has been taken. The Customer reserves the right to be informed or to object to the processing of his / her personal data in accordance with the applicable data protection laws.

Upon completion of your order, you agree to the Privacy Policy as well as the Terms of Use and allow the TRADING COMPANY ¨DAMAKOUDIS¨ to process the personal data you submit to complete your order. Your personal information remains secure and is not disclosed to third parties.

Limitation of Liability

The online store through its transactions through it is not responsible for any further damages that may arise from the execution or not of the orders or from the delay in execution, for any reason. The online store under the trademark of "TRAINING CONSTRUCTION COMPANY" can not guarantee the availability of the products, but undertakes to inform customers in advance of the unavailability. Under no circumstances shall the Shop be liable civil or criminally for any damage (positive, special or consequential, which is indicative and not restrictive, divisive and / or cumulative in the loss of profits, data, lost profits, pecuniary satisfaction, etc.) that may occur. a visitor to the online store or a third party for reasons related to the operation or not and / or use of the site and / or failure to provide services and / or products and / or information made available by him and / or any other more current third-party interventions on products and / or services and / or information available through it. The online store is committed to the accuracy, truthfulness and completeness of the information provided, both in relation to the identity of the company and the transactions provided through it. The online store is not responsible or liable for errors due to errors in the registration of electronic data in the store.

Company Identity

Our company name is "DAMAKOUDISS" TRADING CONSTRUCTION COMPANY and is located in Polykastro, N. Kilkis, on M. Alexandrou 22.

ID: 050185434


GEMI Number: 14358335000

Contact info:

- Phones: +30 2343024977, + 30 6944258337, + 30 6979160230

- Fax: +302343024977

- Email:

Return Policy

You may return the products of an order within fourteen (14) days of receipt. The costs are borne by the customer. The product must be unused and packaged in its original condition. TRADING CONSTRUCTION COMPANY SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY INSULAR INFORMATION OF THE BUYER OR A POSSIBLE CHANGE AND SHALL NOT BE LIABLE TO ACCEPT THIS PRODUCT IF IT IS NOT DEFECTIVE.


Availability is listed on each product page and is subject to official representations. In any case, the online shop of TRADING CONSTRUCTION COMPANY "DAMAKOUDIS" does not accept the order and consequently the money if the product is not available.

Reminder of supplier's obligations for actual defects

The customer is entitled, within the legal timeframe and irrespective of the right of unreasonable withdrawal within fourteen (14) days of the provisions of L.2251 / 1994, to exercise his legal rights due to defective product, by requesting directly to the COMMERCIAL CONSTRUCTION COMPANY "DAMAMAKOUDIS".

In the event of a defect, you can contact our company and receive all the necessary and necessary help and information.

If a product is declared defective by the customer, "TRUST" is expressly reserved for prompt communication with the relevant technicians of the respective company for the purpose of diagnosing the product.

The granting or transfer of rights in respect of defective products is excluded.

Complaint handling policy

Our company treats customer complaints with great care and understanding and takes care to provide solutions as soon as possible.

After-sales service and commercial guarantees

All of our products are backed by the warranty of the official Greek Delegations and our staff is at your disposal on any issues that may arise regarding warranty and after-sales service.


The prices include VAT and until the full amount of the product is paid the ownership remains with the company. The quoted prices refer to purchases from our online store. The Company reserves the right to change prices on a daily basis, without notice, if necessary, in the context of its market and overall policy.

Visiting the Site requires the full acceptance of the above terms.