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About Us

The commercial construction company "DAMAKOUDIS" was founded in 1991 based in Polykastro, N. Kilkis. With over 25 years of experience in the field of energy and manufacturing, with well-trained day-to-day expertise, our highly qualified business personnel are the key to success.

The business sector focuses mainly on the trading of plumbing, heating, air conditioning, paints, hardware, insulation materials, electrical, solar and dual boiler heaters.

Wholesale / Retail

· Hydraulic articles

· Types of heating (oil, gas, natural gas)

· Air conditioners, air conditioners

· Colors

· Hardware

· Insulation and building materials

· Electrical materials

· Solar as well as Boiler water heaters

· Fire extinguishers and fire safety systems

 We undertake all kinds of plumbing for domestic and industrial use, gas or LPG installations for catering or building heating, building shell renovations, indoor buildings and baths. Installations for heating, air conditioning, cooling, solar thermal systems, solar water heaters, photovoltaic systems as well as the studies of the above systems by the mechanical engineers of our company.

Construction work

Technical study, supervision and installation:

· Plumbing, drainage and drainage systems for household and industrial use

· Gas or LPG for dining areas or for heating buildings

· Energy-efficient building upgrades to interior buildings and bathrooms

· Heating systems

· Air conditioning systems

· Cooling systems

· Solar thermal systems

· Solar water heaters

· Photovoltaic systems

· Fire safety systems for shops, laboratories, industrial plants and all types of businesses

 At the same time in its premises there is a recognized fire extinguishing and maintenance laboratory. We undertake the sale of fire extinguishers, retrofitting and maintenance of fire extinguishers, as well as technical fire safety studies for shops, public buildings and services.


· Electric-mechanical studies

· Fire Safety Studies

· Energy Inspections

· Energy efficiency certificates

· Environmental studies

· Business development programs

· Exoikonomo 

· Heating, gas, air conditioning and refrigeration studies

· Biogas plant studies

The commercial construction company "DAMAKOUDIS" is an authorized trading partner for your connection to Natural Gas. We undertake all the necessary actions for your integration into the Home Savings program as well as the process of submitting your business to development programs such as NSRF, PEP, LEADER and more.

Each year our company carries out more than 300 construction projects such as building renovations, construction of fences, thermal facades, drainage and drainage systems in public and private entities.

There is an E-shop on our site where you can find all kinds of products for all the categories mentioned above with the possibility of shipping all over Greece and abroad.

Our strategic goal is to serve our customers immediately, offering complete solutions, a variety of choices and top quality, so that it can be differentiated and stand out from the competition while improving working conditions and project quality.

The responsiveness and trust of our customers is the driving force behind new investments and the introduction of new innovative products.